terça-feira, 18 de junho de 2019

Escritores de S a XXL

The internet's contradictions

Throughout the years, the internet has been one of the most useful tools in our society. However, apart from all the good things it has to offer to people, it has a bad side too.
The internet was something made from the sacrifice and work of several genii. So, it was created to make our lives easier. It enriched our society’s knowledge and culture using its amazing capacity to share. It also permitted communication to faraway places and it helped people at school and at work as it is a good source of information.
On the other hand, the internet is responsible for unemployment and social problems such as: poverty, hunger and nervous breakdowns; it distracts teens and adults that become addicted. Due to that, it causes dehumanization, it isolates people and stops them from developing social skills.
The internet’s good and bad sides are still being debated but one thing is for sure, its positive influence always comes linked to its negative one.

Tomás Moutinho – 8º A

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